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Welcome to the EKFI-Platform! EKFI-Exchange is the platform to search for educational resources, research, knowledge etc. for VET and HE schools, social partners and companies in the creative-, communication, graphic and media sector. Also you can develop learning materials (across borders) by using the development application on this website.


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Downloadable materials

Projects currently in development

Manual on How to Migrate from ISO 27001:2017 to ISO 27001:2023

Understand what is necessary on a high over level to migrate from ISO-27001:2017 to 2023


Team (incompany)

Sustainable Packaging

Students look at sustainable packaging outside their own environment

Students understand that the cultural setting can have an impact on sustainable packaging

Students find differences between cases internationally


Team (international)

Hoe omgaan met Generatie Z? / How to handle Generation Z?

<p>Na afloop van de workshops  hebben de deelnemers inzicht in de diverse aspecten van Generatie Z medewerkers, hebben ze inzicht in hoe deze te werven en binden aan de organisatie; welke aspecten spelen bij leidinggeven aan Gen Z medewerkers en hoe deze in te zetten bij marketing en verkoop. <br /  ...


Team (national)