What is EKFI

EKFI is an exchange platform for the exchange of learning material and research reports and other information which can be used by the target groups: VET and HEs, SMEs, sector organizations, others in the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI). It is a web based applications with a database of existing learning/research material (from various sources).

The platform has been developed to stimulate exchange between institutes within a country and between (EU) countries. A system has been chosen in which the material can be exchanged without a monetary payment. This allows savings to be made in the development of new learning materials. Existing learning materials can be enriched with new material or new insights. The unused resources can then be used for a new purpose. In addition, the users of the platform can have their material reviewed by other users (peer review).

This database will be filled by uploading learning material and other material. The uploading is accessible by the button: Upload where the learning/research material will be described and meet educational standards/formats in order to pass the entrance requirements. The Search button makes it possible for the user to search for needed learning/research module(s). The download of the material uses the barter system purchase by selecting material by the button: Get material and then select Download. It is a system of exchange where learning and other material are directly exchanged for other learning and other material without using money, as a medium of exchange. We develop the criteria under which the upload and download takes place and according to which the value of the uploaded material is determined and the value at which material can be downloaded. The system will be working with a credit system.

The EKFI platform makes existing learning/research material transparent. The education problems in the CCI focus on two aspects:

1. In the more traditional parts of the CCI the need to educate future employees is less due to the development in the labour market. So investments in research and learning material is a problem to the institutes (according to committees in charge of education & training and CCI employers organizations-2017).

2. In other parts of the CCI the developments follow each other in rapid succession. This means large investments must be made in the development of learning resources. There is also the possibility that the competences at the institute may be of a too low level to develop state of the art knowledge. In addition, not every organization is able to follow developments in educational fields such as blended learning. An Exchange platform can be a solution to solve these problems.

Why working with points (ekfi's)

The platform stimulates exchange of learning material, research reports and other material between institutes ( VET and HE, companies, social partners and others within a country and between (EU) countries. A system has been chosen in which the material can be exchanged without a monetary payment.

If you upload learning material or other material on the platform, you will earn so-called "Ekfis". You can redeem these if you want to download material. If you don’t upload material and want to download material from the database of the platform, you can earn “Ekfi’s” for actions on the platform.

How to earn Ekfi’s?

Mutation Action
+100 Become member
+100 Publish material
+20 Each time your material is downloaded for the first time by an user
+5 Add comment/rating after download
-20 Each time you download new material not previously purchased
-100 Retract material