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A interesting course, the material is very thorough!

Dieter - 18-11-2021

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Green marketing

Publication date: 07-11-2021
Last change date: 12-11-2021
Uploader:  Frank Den Hartog
Organisation:  Stivako

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Keywords: green marketing; sustainability; marketing; communicating green behavior
Fields of knowlegde: Management, marketing
Language: English


This training consists of 5 modules:

Strategic Marketing and Green Marketing

Operational Marketing and being green

Communicating and communicating green behaviour

Customer Relationship and Sales behaviour

Green Marketing Planning.

Green Marketing in the Graphic industry is a course specifically designed to help Graphic industry staff to think in terms of Marketing and Green Marketing. It is also useful for people who are new to the industry but would like to be part of it.

The course offers a comprehensive set of tools for promoting environmental awareness as well as providing guidelines for the implementation of green marketing strategies in small and medium companies.  

Documents included in the course KIT Green Marketing in the Graphic industry consists of five documents: Presentation; Material for students; Readings and Cases; Teacher book and Slides.

So, documents 2 and 3 are the only ones to be given to the students. The rest are for the teachers' information and use.

Learning outcomes

To understand the concept, the role and the importance of Marketing for any firm.  To explore and get to know the relevant dimensions of the customer needs and wants. 

To understand how to build a competitive advantage.  To learn how to search for suitable strategic alternatives.  To explore new approaches to the decision-making process. 

To understand the need and the goals of communication.  To learn how to communicate consistently.  To know about modes and tools to communicate with efficacy and efficiency.  To know the utility and role of ecolabels and environmental certification schemes. 

To understand the role of the sales promotion and how to design it. To learn how to promote a long-term relationship and take advantage of it. 

To be able to reveal the goals according to products and markets.  To put into practice the concepts and tools learned during the course. To learn to pay attention to the human factor in commercial actions. 

Total of 5 files with total size of 1752 kB

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