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Onderzoek naar "Barriers to innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises" in de grafimedia sector - Draft

Publication date: 18-5-2022
Last change date: 18-5-2022
Uploader:  Brigitta Koppenol
Organisation:  Dienstencentrum

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Keywords: innovation, sme, barriers, perception
Fields of knowlegde: Management, marketing
Language: English


Innovation is the driving force behind growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. However, not every SME is able to grow. This study investigates whether there is a difference in the perception of barriers to innovation for growth and non-growth SMEs. Barriers considered in this research are financial barriers, human resource barriers, knowledge barriers and external barriers. 800 SMEs in the Dutch graphical media and printing industry were researched by way of an online questionnaire to obtain data. A total of 86 complete questionnaires were returned. The data lend support to the hypothesis that growth SMEs experience barriers to innovation to a lesser degree than do non-growth SMEs. For all four barriers, hypotheses were either partially or fully accepted. A surprising finding is that there seems to be no significant difference in the degree to which growth and non-growth SMEs make use of partnerships for innovation purposes.

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