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Dieter - 17-11-2021

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Quality of printed publications

Publication date: 07-01-2021
Last change date: 30-09-2021
Uploader:  Ivar Kaselaid
Organisation:  Tallinn Polytechnic School

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Fields of knowlegde: Premedia-Prepress, Printing, Quality & standardisation, Health & Safety
Language: English


Introduction. Quality criteria for digital originals. Checking digital originals, Quality criteria for prints. Visual assessment,Measuring Calibrating and profiling

Learning outcomes

You can watch videos from the following links: measuring,  printing production and finding densities according to the printing substrate,  making and measuring dampening solution, making digital proof from pdf.-s - 


"Printing Production and finding densities according to the printing substrate.pdf"

"Making and measuring dampening solution.pdf"

"Making digital proof.pdf"

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