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Accurate material

Allan - 02-02-2024

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Digital prepress

Publication date: 04-10-2023
Last change date: 04-10-2023
Uploader:  Ivar Kaselaid
Organisation:  Tallinn Polytechnic School

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Keywords: Prepress
Fields of knowlegde: Graphic & web design, Premedia-Prepress
Language: Estonian


Requirements for printing originals. File requirements depending on printing method.

PDF/X standard. Raster, mechanical dot gain, total ink limit, frequency. Which icc profiles to use.

Learning outcomes

Introduction digital prepress, PDF , PDF standards, bleed, overprint, resolution. CMYK color separation, preflight, trancparency, layers, icc profiles

Total ink limit and line frequency for different papers.

Total of 2 files with total size of 2919 kB

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