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World in front of the camera. Roaring, emotional, delightful

Publication date: 17-11-2021
Last change date: 17-11-2021
Uploader:  Dieter De Weirdt
Organisation:  Arteveldehogeschool

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Keywords: photography
Fields of knowlegde: Photography
Language: English


We live in a world progressing fast and what is new today will be part of the past tomorrow. That`s why we need profes- sional and higly skilled photographers. Organizations need talent with special skills to differentiate themselves from their competitors and the number of vacancies for “high-skilled” labor. We want to give the students and teachers a wider view of photography internationally. This project offers not only a chance to share methods and ideas, but also to give all the partners the opportunity to meet together for inspiration; also to take photos in environments which are not possible in their own school situation. This project gives our students and tea- chers a good opportunity to show our competitiveness in the international labor market. Experience from previous mobility projects shows that student who have an opportunity to parti- cipate in these activities, have wider skills and have broadened their minds in the photography business and culture in Europe.

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