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Very specific and concise content that is easy to build on

Aivo - 30-01-2024

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This course marks the commencement of an expansive research into various aspects of sustainability. It serves as a foundational module providing a detailed understanding of sustainability concepts

GERASIMOS - 29-01-2024

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Introduction in sustainability/environment in Hair and Beauty

Publication date: 13-11-2023
Last change date: 13-11-2023
Uploader:  Frank Den Hartog
Organisation:  Stivako

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Keywords: Sustainability; Climate change; Carbon footprint; energy; waste; water; raw materials
Fields of knowlegde: Sustainability & Environment
Language: English


This course is the beginning of a whole range of material concerning sustainability in different ways. In this part you will learn what sustainability means. You will get information on scans that can be used to measure your level of sustainability. You will also learn about climate change and carbon footprint, also how to calculate your carbon footprint as a consumer and how to reduce it personally. The subjects: water, waste, energy, raw materials will be discussed. See example.

The downloadable set of material consists of student and teacher's manual and teacher's toolkit.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge • give a definition on sustainability as a consumer and entrepreneur • explain when a salon is sustainable or not • understand a standard system for environmental care • know the principles of the PDCA-circle • define what climate change means • define the sustainable development goals • give a definition for carbon footprint • give examples of being sustainable as a hairdresser • make a list of actions to become more sustainable at home • communicate with sustainable salons • make a presentation on a salon focussing on sustainability • use different scans on sustainability • process the results of the scans on sustainability • implement the principles of the PDCA-circle in a short and long term plan • give consequences of climate change • give evidences of climate change • give examples of the most important goals of the climate conferences • link sustainable development goals to a sustainable salon • calculate your own carbon footprint • reduce their own carbon footprint

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