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The economic impact of the circular economy

Publication date: 26-11-2021
Last change date: 26-11-2021
Uploader:  Brigitta Koppenol
Organisation:  Dienstencentrum

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Keywords: SME , graphic media , print media, research, circular economy
Fields of knowlegde: Management, marketing, Sustainability & Environment , Other
Language: English


This is a paper about the impact of the circular economy on the profitability in the Dutch Graphic and Arts sector. The circular economy is a rising economic system in Europe. The system is introduced by legislation and regulations. Are there economic advantages of working circular and why should firms be concerned from the point of view of market-driven reasons? This research looks into the economic contributions of the circular economy on SMEs in the Dutch Graphic and Arts sector. According to the theory, the main reason the circular economy will contribute to the profitability of firms is that there is an increase in the scarcity of raw materials. This leads to rising prices and unpredictable supply fluctuations. Firms working with the concepts of the circular economy find ways to get around these uncertainties. By using waste as input for new cycles and extending the cycles of products and materials, they will be less dependent on the declining supply of virgin materials.

Learning outcomes

Getting specific knowledge on the impact of the circular economy on the profitability in the Dutch Print media sector.  No further specific outcomes defined. It is an academic research / paper.

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