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Trends, approached in design

Publication date: 03-02-2022
Last change date: 03-02-2022

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Keywords: Trends
Fields of knowlegde: Graphic & web design
Language: English


Information addressed to undergraduate students who follow studies of Graphic Arts and Media Technology

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to describe and analyse the advanced print media management procedures and processes within the graphic arts and media technology and its relevant scientific fields. The students will be also able to review and illustrate the new characteristics of workflow in the print production process, from graphic design to prepress, printing and postpress, the design of the print production and the print management processes based on digital workflows. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to identify and practice innovations developments that take place in technologies, new design and management structures and production environments of the print media sector. The course will significantly contribute to a deeper knowledge in these new topics and scientific fields, adding value to the students, the teachers and the participating institutes. This can be achieved by the structure of the course and the topics chosen to be taught.

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