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With human-centered design it is important to have the right mindset and know the right methods to apply it. It needs to be feasible, desirable and generate revenue. Having the right mindset means being open to learning from people, making your ideas come to life, not worrying about failure, getting feedback from people you are designing to, and keep looking forward. Inspiration for the design can come from people, immersion, experts, analogous inspirations. However, it is important to get to know and understand people - what are their values, needs, aspirations, priorities. But also empathize with people in their homes, workplace or other natural surroundings to them. Only then can we start to understand them better which in turn helps to create a better design.             This educational material is innovative  and compiled from future perspective. A person- centered design considers personality of each individual and is adequate to use as a study material.

Ivar - 18-11-2021

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Human-Centered Design Workshop

Publication date: 26-01-2021
Last change date: 26-01-2021
Uploader:  Dieter De Weirdt
Organisation:  Arteveldehogeschool

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Keywords: HCD, User Centered Design, Design Thinking
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Language: English


The goal of this workshop is: to introduce you to the mindsets and methods of human-centered design through hands-on experience, and to show you how your products can benefit from these mindsets and methods.

Learning outcomes

What human-centered design is
How human-centered design can impact your products
Making sense of real-world interviews and observations
Brainstorming lots of potential solutions
Make prototypes and test your ideas with the people you’re designing for
Refine your ideas in multiple iterations

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