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An extensive textbook on circular economy. Would have been nice if every chapter had its exercise, so that the lesson planning could have been per chapter.

Peter - 22-04-2024

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Circular Economy/Circulaire economie Student manual tbv van de Workshop Circulaire economie

Publication date: 11-04-2024
Last change date: 16-04-2024
Uploader:  Frank Den Hartog
Organisation:  Stivako

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Keywords: circulaire economie green marketing
Fields of knowlegde: Management, marketing, Sustainability & Environment
Language: Dutch


Syllabus for the Circular Economy workshop for testing the teaching materials created within the EKFI-PLUS project.

Syllabus voor de workshop Circulaire economie t.b.v. het testen van het lesmateriaal gemaakt binnen het project EKFI-PLUS.

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