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Stagemaatjes voor statushouders Training en Culturele aspecten

Publication date: 18-5-2022
Last change date: 18-5-2022
Uploader:  Lex Bergers
Organisation:  Lex Bergers Opleidingen

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Keywords: Maatje, Stagemaatjes, ROC, students, refugees, statushouders, training, buddies
Fields of knowlegde: Other
Language: Dutch


In the project 'Stagemaatjes' refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, etc. get help from 'buddies' (maatjes) in finding internships (stages) and eventually work. The refugees are students at the Dutch ROC Midden Nederland (Utrecht), lower vocational education. 

This training is about the education/training of the 'stagemaatjes'(the buddies), including information about cultural aspects. 

All 18 students of the ROC in Utrecht were helped succesfully and did find an internship (stage).

The training is part of a pilot project of ReconnAct Foundation in the Netherlands. From september 2022 a new group of students will get suppprt, by new stagemaatjes. 


Learning outcomes

The training did provide the 'stagemaatjes' new skills in helping the refugees. They were succefull in helping alle ROC-students in getting an internship.

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